“Originally from the North-East of England but exiled aged 9 to the Midlands, I used to go back up there to see my family every summer holiday. One summers day, a long time ago - I was aged 14 when my brother Kevin gave me an album that he didn’t want any more. It changed my life and I knew immediately I had to learn to play the guitar - that it was my destiny and that it was the beginning a beautiful and lifelong relationship with this wonderful instrument. Bowie? Hendrix? Cream? No - it was this. I know, not the ‘coolest’ thing in the world, but to me it opened to door to how powerful a melody could be, how uplifting an orchestra could be and how beautiful, full of hope some of these tunes were. I was in love with these sounds! As it happened those guitarists were also from the North East - another key element of who I am... And so it was cast. I saved my pocket money and bought a second hand Jumbo Acoustic guitar from Exchange & Mart in Coventry...£11.00 I remember (it took a while!) In two months I had the whole album off. And then came ‘The Clash’!! There was no stopping me then!! On my new album ‘Flesh & Blood’ I pay tribute to my late brother Kevin, and thank him for showing me the way. I think he would have liked it... So the late 70’s & early 80’s, growing up in Coventry was a vibrant musical place for an aspiring guitarist(believe it or not) - the very heart of the 2 Tone explosion happening on my doorstep and one of my mates in a chart topping band!  I formed ‘Still Life’(a couple of pics above) - the first song I wrote was ‘Change the World’! Typical teenage angst... ‘Still Life’ became ‘Noise Like Noise’ (a power trio!)- and then I was lucky enough to be invited to join another local band ‘Deja Vu’, masterminded by the maestro of the 2 Tone invasion - Grammy Award winning producer Roger Lomas who had delivered hit after hit for Selecter, Bad Manners and later won a Grammy for his work with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Roger and I shared a love of the guitar and of that vintage sound - he nicknamed me ‘Rockin H’ - and ‘Wonderland’ were born... I don’t think he knows it - but he is also a real hero of mine and when I work on a track, and the way it sounds - I always ask myself ‘would Rog be happy with it?’ He will smile at that... He is a legend and the master of sound. Despite being probably the best band around, we came close, but absolutely nothing happened with ‘Wonderland’ - we toured, we recorded, played at legendary venues (we were ace live!), we have great memories (amazing memories actually) and we have a great understanding as musicians. They are also my brothers and I am proud to have been one of the four. It was special. I don’t regret a single thing - and it’s not over yet...”
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