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“Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find it interesting and a friendly place to be. I also hope that you find something in the music, perhaps the ‘something’, the spark that made me write and record these songs. For they are borne out of the thing that we all have in common  - life. Along that journey we are all at some time or other inspired, saddened, happy, lonely, elated, bereft - and all, usually, as a result of being in or out of love... These songs are not all love songs however - but only one man’s own tales of these things, the stuff of life - of loss, of peace, of happiness, of precious memories, of joy, of being bold, being scared, of being lucky enough to have once known true love... And to be inspired by it... still, to this day. Of my sons and of being a father. These are melodies that tell stories - in my head at least, and my hope is that there are moments in here that will resonate with elements of your own lives  - and that you will ‘get’ it... There are also some pictures for you to laugh at, a little bit of what I am up to, a place for you to buy the songs if they do speak to you and a place for you to contact me or comment on the site, or indeed anything else. It would be my pleasure to hear from you... Enjoy...”